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Surf Therapy

Surf parks are becoming extremely popular in the UK and all around the world with surfing becoming an Olympic sport this year. Physical exercise is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. Surfing provides numerous health and well-being benefits that we can integrate into our daily lives.

At Surf X, we look forward to running effective surf therapy programs, experiential learning, water-based therapeutic exercises, and adventure activities with an emphasis on surf therapy, nature, fitness, mindfulness, and adaptive surfing skill development. The benefits of surf therapy treatments in a multi-sensory environment improves and maintains muscle tone, posture, motor planning, and balance which facilitates higher cognitive skills through integration and assimilation of lower-level skills.

To help execute these programs effectively, our co-founder and multiple South African surfing champion, who is an internationally accredited surf instructor and current adaptive surfing coach – Tasha Mentasti, who has over 25 years of surfing and 15 years of surf coaching experience with almost a decade of working with adaptive surfers from around the world. Tasha is inspired to give back to the sport that has given her so much.

Surf therapy combines the therapeutic elements of the ocean-environment with the adventure of adaptive surfing to impact the physical and mental well-being of individuals. Anyone challenged with a physical, neurological, cognitive, social and mental impairment can benefit from these daily surf therapy sessions. Each surf therapy session takes a structured approach to surfing with accredited surf instructors in a safe environment to achieve a therapeutic benefit. By utilizing a range of soft-boards, participants are able to experience the healing properties of these ocean experiences. Adaptive surfing is also a great recreational activity for those with a disability. Like regular surfing, adaptive surfing involves the surfer paddling out and riding a wave towards the shore.

Our youth surf lessons help develop play-skills and leisure interests that provide many physical, developmental and health benefits combining aerobic exercise with strength building, getting kids to participate in outdoor activities helps build confidence, patience, and persistence to achieve a sense of self-efficacy and well-being. Helping to reduce stress levels, boost confidence and keep kids motivated and occupied.

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