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Surrounded by the stunning rivers, forests, mountains and valleys of North Wales, we’re lucky to make our home in a beautiful natural playground. Fancy getting out to explore?


From gorge walking to coasteering, mountain biking to rock climbing and abseiling, we can plan an amazing itinerary for you and your gang. All activities are led by expert local instructors.

These adventures are suitable for ages 6+ or 10+, please check individual activities for more details. All specialist equipment is supplied, but please wear suitable footwear. Explore Outdoors activities are suitable for groups of 6 or more.


Surf-lakes is a cutting-edge engineering company dedicated to the research, design, manufacture, installation and operation of world-class wave generating systems and surfing lagoons.

Our headquarters are based in the Basque Country near San Sebastián, in northern Spain. After over a decade of R&D and a series of innovative breakthroughs and patents, Wavegarden is considered the market leader in the rapidly emerging sector of dynamic artificial waves.

wave pool technology
wave pool technology


Our mission is to develop the best wave creation systems possible, aiding the establishment of high-quality surfing destinations blessed with ideal and safe conditions.


Our vision is to share the exhilarating experience of surfing perfect waves with everyone, everywhere.


For over a decade we have developed leading-edge wave technologies to create the most realistic surfing experience available outside of the ocean. Focusing on maximizing user experience and minimizing energy consumption, we have tested many different methods of producing waves, with the underlying aim of attaining the simplest, most efficient, most reliable technologies possible.

Our team of mechanical, electrical, civil and fluid dynamic engineers work in close partnership with the best technical suppliers to give all new Wavegarden facilities a head-start on their road to success.



Our proven and worldwide patented wave-generating technologies are revolutionizing the sport of surfing. They have enabled astute investors to create new surf destinations– complete with booming business and tourism ecosystems – anywhere in the world, regardless of proximity to the ocean.

Our team of Computational Fluid Dynamic experts is key to Wavegarden’s success. Performing simulations 24/7, all year long, the dedicated research team studies the hydrodynamics of the machinery and analyzes the effects of different lagoon bathymetries and dissipative shores on wave quality and form.

Thanks to our full-size test facilities dedicated 100% to R&D, our engineers can thoroughly test the technology and products before they are brought to market, guaranteeing a successful commercial deployment. Crucially, this cross-referencing and validation of computer simulations permits the continuous calibration of design tools.

Surfers of all levels, from newcomers to the top competitors in the world, have tested the waves in the full-scale facility and their feedback has been instrumental in the development process.