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Revolutionizing Wave Generation

Surf-X Wave Plunger Generation Technology

Surf-X introduces an innovative plunger wave-generation system, known as the Wave Trainer, setting a new standard in wave generation technology. With an emphasis on efficiency, versatility, and wave quality, Surf-X’s Wave Trainer offers a unique surfing experience for enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The Wave Trainer: Cutting-Edge Plunger Wave Generation

  • Produces waves up to nine feet in height, with multiple swells per hour.
  • Adjustable wave size, from three to nine feet, via user-friendly computer interface.
  • Operates with minimal energy consumption, utilizing stored and potential energy efficiently.
The Wave Trainer
Precision Wave Control

Individual Plunger Modules: Precision Wave Control

  • Patented plunger modules crafted from various materials for optimal performance.
  • Hydraulic actuator system powers individual modules, enabling precise wave manipulation.
  • PLC control allows for customizable wave characteristics, including angle, velocity, and timing.

Patented Surf Lagoon/Reef Designs

  • Maximizes ride length, wave quality, and safety within a minimal surf lagoon footprint.
  • Custom reef designs cater to various surfing preferences, including A-Frame, wedge, and ledge.
  • Provides multiple reef sections for riders of different skill levels, from beginners to advanced surfers.
Patented Surf Lagoon
Surf Facilities Expansion

Surf Facilities Expansion: Surf Camps Worldwide

  • Launching Surf-X Surf Facilities, starting with Surf Camps catering to beginner and intermediate surfers.
  • Intermediate reefs feature four-foot waves, accompanied by beginner-friendly whitewash paddle waves.
  • Offers one and two-break surf lagoons, ensuring an immersive and tailored surfing experience.