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About The Industry

There has never been a better time to focus on healthy living than now, surfing offers endless health benefits and stimulation, improving mental health for all ages.

The reason for our success is we have had time to learn about the competition, their flaws, mistakes, wave types, safety, and experience We have the solutions to produce more waves and variety at less cost, and the experience is better because we separate the pools into different skill levels, making one pool for kids and learners, one for intermediate and advanced surfers, one for professionals and competitions the other for private hire which is a huge income stream. Injuries are limited down to design, the layout compliments real like ocean waves.

Our tech is a fraction of the price of other technologies, we can lower the price to surf making it affordable to the public and flexible surf times We are highly profitable at 30% occupancy on low estimates.

The Benefits for a Surf Pool

• Employment/Job creation/Career Opportunities.
• Education
• Tourism
• Health & Fitness
• Extreme Sports and Leisure
• Wave Pools Boost Local Economies
• Provides Olympic Training And Lifestyle Sports Education.
• More Sports And Leisure To Cater For The Growing Population.
• Surfing Provides A Positive Impact, Both Physical And Mental
• Provides Hundreds of Jobs And Thousands Of Career Opportunities.

The dot com boom for surf parks, with hundreds of projects worldwide.

Surf parks are experiencing explosive growth, with hundreds of projects underway worldwide. The surfing industry is valued at billions, and the broader leisure market is a trillion-dollar juggernaut. Surfing generates billions of dollars annually for local economies, and there’s a pentup demand for this lifestyle sport, especially in areas lacking extreme leisure options. The war in Ukraine, Brexit, travel restrictions, and COVID-19 have fuelled a surge in domestic leisure destinations, and this new lifestyle development is poised to cater to the growing population’s desire for adventure. Wave pools ignite passion and vitality, and surfing offers invigorating experiences and new career opportunities for those unable to access traditional surf spots.

The UK leisure market is worth £117 billion in revenue and is growing nearly twice as fast as the retail sector. The global leisure travel market was valued at USD 1.2 trillion in 2022.


Total Development Cost: Circa £8.5m
IRR: 22%
ROI: 3 years
Exit: 10 years
Est. Annual Revenue: Circa £ 6m
Est. Operation Costs: Circa £1.5m
Est. Gross Profit: Circa £4.5m
Landowner: Oakfield Fishery, Adrian Phipps
Land Overview: Aylesbury, 7 acres
Contractor: Skyline DC
Lawyers: EMW
Architects: Coles Architects
Feasibility/Guest Insights/Attractions: Katapult
Council: Aylesbury Vale, Buckinghamshire Council
Wave Technology: Swellspot
Annual Visitor Attendance: 120,000
Planning Duration: 6 months
Build Time: 8 months
Target Build: August 2024
Target Operation Date: August 2025

Surf Pool thoroughly
Surf Pool thoroughly
Surf Pool thoroughly
Surf Pool thoroughly