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FAQs About Surf-X

What is Surf-X?

Surf-X is a UK-based company revolutionizing surfing with cutting-edge wave pool technology.

Who is the founder of Surf-X?

The founder is Scott Graham, a passionate surfer with extensive industry experience.

How does Surf-X ensure wave quality?

By utilizing patented hydraulic technology for diverse wave shapes.

What sets Surf-X apart from competitors?

Exclusive access to advanced wave technology and a focus on affordability and versatility.

What types of waves can Surf-X create?

Realistic ocean-like waves catering to all skill levels.

How does Surf-X prioritize safety?

By designing pools with channelled bathymetry for safer surfing.

What are the benefits of Surf-X's wave pool technology?

High frequency, low maintenance, and customizable designs.

How long does it take to build a Surf-X facility?

Approximately 8 months from planning to operation.

Where are Surf-X facilities planned to be built?

Initially in the UK, with plans for global expansion.

What are the economic benefits of Surf-X facilities?

Job creation, tourism, health, and fitness opportunities.

How does Surf-X contribute to the leisure market?

By offering invigorating experiences for all ages and skill levels.

What is the estimated annual revenue for Surf-X?

Circa £6 million, with an estimated gross profit of £4.5 million.

How long until investors see a return on investment?

Approximately 3 years, with an IRR of 22%.

Who are some key partners and stakeholders of Surf-X?

Partners include Oakfield Fishery, Skyline DC, and Swellspot for wave technology.