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About Surf X

Surf X is a UK-based company founded by passionate surfer Scott Graham, whose lifelong dedication to the sport has led him to become an industry pioneer.

With his extensive experience in surfing and the surf pool industry, Scott has meticulously identified the best wave technology available. This technology, coupled with his deep understanding of the needs of surfers, ensures an unparalleled surfing experience for all skill levels.

Partnered with a leading wave tech company, Surf X holds the exclusive patent for the UK and EU, granting access to cutting-edge wave technology. This allows us to construct smaller, more affordable surf pools initially, catering to a wider audience. As the local market grows, we can expand to larger facilities to meet increasing demand.

With our patented hydraulic technology, we can create a diverse range of wave shapes, catering to the needs of both beginners and experienced surfers. This versatility makes Surf X the ideal partner for expanding the reach of surfing and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience the thrill of the waves.

We seek investment to build our first facility in the UK and expand globally, revolutionizing the surf industry and making surfing accessible to a wider audience. Your support will help us bring this vision to life and ignite a passion for the sport that will span generations.

“ There is no passion to be
found playing small -in settling
for a life that is less than the
one you are capable of living. “
Nelson Mandela

About The CEO

Scott is a passionate surfer who has been pursuing the sport since childhood. Growing up in Durban, South Africa, he participated in surf competitions, ran surf schools, shaped surfboards, and traveled the world to surf new spots. In 1999, he started his second company, manufacturing surfboards and collaborating with industry legends like Spider Murphy, Baron, and Graham Smith.

In 2004, Scott moved to California to continue shaping surfboards and filming surf events for major networks like ESPN. Later working in the film industry in Los Angeles and a photojournalist for NBC News. He was also the official photographer on the (ASP) WSL tour in Australia.

Scott returned to the UK to be closer to his family and started several companies. Scott’s expertise in surf pools, honed over eight years of meticulous research and development, has resulted in a technology that prioritises wave quality, productivity, profitability, variety, affordability, low maintenance, stability, and suitability for all skill levels. His team of seasoned professionals, assembled with foresight and strategic planning, is ready to execute Surf X’s vision with unmatched competence.

With a strong network of industry contacts and a proven track record of delivering results, Surf X is poised to revolutionise the surf industry. Your investment will help Scott and his team achieve this transformative vision, bringing the thrill of surfing to a global audience and igniting a passion that will span generations.

‘’A winner is a dreamer
who never gives up.’’
– Nelson Mandela

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About The Tech

SwellSpot wave pool technology uses a modular mechanical system and hydraulic motor power to raise and lower an array of “plungers’’ in deeper water at the back of a pool.

The plungers move in synchronous motion up and down to create a swell that travels out of the modules and toward the shallow end of the pool. As the swell propagates toward the shallows, it encounters bottom contours that cause the wave to crest and break in various shapes and sizes.

The plungers are guided up and down using hydraulics. The hydraulic system and accumulators load up pressure during lower energy cost periods, and then utilize the stored power at peak energy periods.

The system is capable of continuous operation producing waves every 10-15 seconds, however for logical reasons its designed to push a swells every 12 seconds. This produces 360 swells per hour.

The modular technology gives SwellSpot the ability to support various pool sizes and create a variety of  wave shapes.

Surf Pool thoroughly

Swellspot Wave Co, LLC
Technology Company
Founder/CEO: Walter Bennett, 100% Owner
Wave making, surf pool designs, current mitigation,
surf pool construction.

US. UK. EU Patents
(9) issued patents. (3) more pending


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